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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Paris, je t'aime

It's at this time of year thoughts should turn to Paris...as we dream of leaving behind frosty mornings and too many layers, the best place to escape to when the weather becomes a little more spring-like has to be the City of Lights.

With a two year old and a new shop I doubt we'll be seeing Paris this year while the cherry blossoms are still on the trees, but as a bit of a Francophile I have made up for this, just a little, by making sure we have plenty of Paris themed pieces for sale...

From the best Paris shopping books which show you behind the hidden doorways you never imagined were open to the public, to fabulous vintage charms reworked into stylish Parisian necklaces and brooches showing the Moulin Rouge or simply saying "Oui".

We have Cavallini & Co notebooks which are the best way to record your own travel experiences so you always have a reference of the best restaurant or most fabulous shop you found for next time you go. Some even have pockets to keep those special metro tickets or cafe receipts. We also have the pretty tins of Paris glittered postcards which we all agree are too nice to send through the post and should be hung on walls...a big poster showing the old Paris arrondissements and of course a big Eiffel Tower one too.

My favourite landmark also makes an appearance in Tokyo Milk's big bottle of 'Bubbling Bath' on pocket mirrors and in the little bottles of Eau de Parfum.

In short, if you love Paris - you'll love our Frenchie themed picks.

Friday, 21 January 2011

PiP Studio

One of the most popular ranges we've bought for Pierrot et Coco has been the pretty PiP Studio collection from the Netherlands.

The delightful pieces with strong floral patterns are perfect for spring tables indoors and out. We can imagine home-made cakes (or perhaps try The Little Cake Parlour just along from us on Pollokshaws Road to be guaranteed of a good looking job!) and dainty sandwiches piled high on the cake stands, surrounded by the cups and saucers, teapots, jugs, bowls and plates on a big table with lots of great tea and good friends.

Most people are surprised at how affordable it is - prices start at only £3 for the little egg cups and around £6 for soupl bowls and mugs, so it's a great set to start collecting or treating oneself to a little cup and saucer and cake plate for lazy afternoons.

We stuck to the blue and pink sets originally but are about to add in PiP's third colourway which is a neutral beige/khaki shade and mixes perfectly with the other two colours.

We'll have the cup and mug box sets again too - these sold out in a couple of days last time and we expect them to be as popular again as the big red "embroidered" box makes for a beautiful gift and a perfect place for keepsakes when you've taken the cups out.

Another new additon from PiP will be the beautiful Lovebird collection which I have been eagerly awaiting since its launch in Holland at the end of last year. The strong stripes and bright colours cry out for strawberry tarts and Mad Hatter's tea parties!

Join our mailing list to be first to know when the new pieces come into the shop - PiP always goes very quickly.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Opening Hours

On the run-up to Christmas we opened 7 days a week, until 6.30pm.

Now things are a bit quieter, we'd like a 'weekend' to spend with our little boy, so will be closed on Sundays and Mondays for the time being.

We do plan on opening longer hours as the days become warmer and the nights lighter, but our January/February hours will be :

Mon-Fri : 10.30am to 5pm
Sat : 10.30am to 5.30pm
Sun : Closed
Mon : Closed

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Sweet Love

Passing by a card shop today, I noticed their window was filled with big fluffy bears holding love hearts and foily red chocolates. This type of Valentine's show of affection is not for everyone (or anyone over the age of 12?) so we've been thinking of our own way to bring some love into the shop without it being saccharine overload.

We have a rather nice French theme planned, with Je t'aime chocolates, fab lollipops, "Amour" necklaces, travel books and cards that say "I love you" without going down the padding and frills route...

Until this is installed, we have a mini display centred around Kusmi Tea's "Sweet Love" Indian blend. It's had rave reviews from everyone who likes a proper cup of tea, and who could resist breakfast in bed on February 14th with a cuppa which comes in a tin like this?!

We have restocked on the 24kt gold Moroccan tea glasses which completely sold out before Christmas...choose the hot pink to match the Kusmi. To complete the Indian theme, we have mini Ganesh notebooks (write a message of love inside this instead of a card), handmade silk sari thread bracelets in the most beautiful shades and fantastic Bollywood earrings.

Kusmi Tea "Sweet Love" mini tin £5

Handmade silk sari bracelets £3 each

24kt Gold Moroccan Tea Glasses 3 for £11.50

Mini Ganesh Notebooks £3.75