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Monday, 30 May 2011

Happy to see You!

You may have seen a lot more colourful socks have arrived with us lately - we're excited to have more of Sweden's brightest export, Happy Socks.

In winter, just as we opened we chose mostly subdued, muted tones in merino wool and hemp but now it's just about summer we've gone for the cheerful stripes and spots in colours which really do say "happy". They are all one-size for men and women (we've found if they're a tad too big just tumble dry after their first wash and they fit smaller feet perfectly)

We've also gone for some over-the-knee styles just for ladies.

Striped Over-Knee socks @ £10

They always receive great press:

The Times magazine :

Hemp Happy Socks @ £9

Spend in Style magazine :

Spotty Happy Socks : £7.50

Velour Magazine :

Various Happy Socks : £7.50

Elle India :

Spotty Socks £7.50

Elle Greece :

Tube Happy Socks : £5

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Thanks to the Queens

Thank you to the ever-charming Queens at Kingdom of Style for spending a wet afternoon snapping photos of our wares and collating them into such a colourful piece.

Kingdom of Style is one of the UK's most popular blogs, and anyone with any kind of interest in fashion will have come across it. It's jam-packed with photos of outfits and purchases by a Southside girl and an ex-Southside girl (who was driven out by the squirrels and rats having midnight soirees in her kitchen)

With a bit of advance warning next time, we'd happily load up the cake stand with tasty treats, crack open a box of Prestat and brew a fresh cup of Kusmi in your honour.

With love, P & M xx

Keep Reading : @ KingdomofStyle

Monday, 23 May 2011

Remarkable Praliné Quail's Eggs...almost too nice to eat

We've just started our own range of chocolates and after many, many tasting sessions we are convinced we have a truly delicious product in an even nicer box topped with a big satin bow. I'm not sure I could bring myself to open this box if I bought it...but the draw of the chocolates inside would definitely win over.

Each box has 10 large, powder blue speckled "quails eggs" - filled with Belgian hazelnut praline and stacked in a metallic cake case. Everyone who has sampled them has given loud moans of appreciation, and as they're fairly big and quite rich, one with a cuppa is quite satisfying.

Our own range of chocolates is due to expand soon with dark chocolate gingers, turkish delight and other delicacies still in the sampling stage (oh the hardship!)They're a great complement to the Prestat we have (Pink Marc de Champagne, Rose & Violet Creams, Banoffee truffles and the classic mixed jewel boxes)

Pierrot et Coco "Remarkable PralinĂ© Quail's Eggs" - £10.50