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Friday, 30 September 2011

Thank you for coming!

We really appreciated how many of you came out to our "party" last night. We loved how many of you enjoyed a whole host of cocktails (one really isn't enough!) and that you took a little cupcake (from the Little Cake Parlour) "for the road" and that you found it difficult to speak because there was too much Charbonnel et Walker truffle in your mouth...

Thanks for being so patient while we wrote receipts, waited on the card machine to be swapped from one to another and wrapped your purchases...we'll try to figure out a more efficient way of doing things for the next one.

We have been planning another event for our 1st Birthday, sometime in November, so we'll work on some wintery (cinnamon/orange/apple/caramel/ginger) type cocktails & treats for then and let you know of the date asap.

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