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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Clément Lefèvre illustrations

Having some time off means we can leisurely play with some of the toys and games Santa kindly brought our little boy from our shop.

One of my favourites is a Mini Game "the missing piece", designed by French illustrator Clément Lefèvre. I thought it would be a fun game to pass a half hour or so, and was really impressed by how well designed it was (and it even comes with an already-sharpened pencil!), making it ideal for taking on long train journeys or flights with children around 5 and older.

I soon realised some of the cards are so nice they would be perfect to frame and hang on a child's bedroom wall. Some have graphs drawn over them, as part of the puzzle, but others are just lovely drawings and ideal for the wall, or sitting around on shelves.

Clément Lefèvre does some outstanding work - for various companies as well as books. I love the look of some of these covers for books by Michaël Escoffier called "Victor et son Loup" and "Le Voleur d'enfants."  I'll have to look for copies of these.

Click here to see the "mini games" designed by Clément Lefèvre in our shop - and I'll definitely have to take a look inside the ones we have by other French illustrators when we re-open after the holidays as I'm sure they'll be just as well done.

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