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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Tattooed Eggs for Easter

If your children like to eat the eggs after they've been rolled, it can often get a bit messy when the inks or paints run in the wet or dewy grass and while it won't do them much harm to eat a green-tinged egg, it does look horrible. We've come up with a fun and much cooler alternative to painting eggs for Easter.  This is a good thing to do with children but definitely worthy of a breakfast table for adults too! We love how these have turned out and they hardly took any time at all.

You will need :
A pack of our Circus Tattoos,
Hard boiled eggs (we chose Clarence Court's Duck Eggs because they are larger and a beautiful, almost translucent white colour)
A cup of water
Paper towels.

Next, decide on what your first tattoo will be. We went for the smaller ones in the pack, because it can be tricky trying to get the tattoo onto the curved shape of an egg.
Cut round the shape of the tattoo - instead of sticking to the guidelines on the reverse of the sheet, we found it better to cut closer to the actual design. Remove the plastic covering, place face down onto the egg and dab with wet (not soaking) paper towels until the tattoo has fixed and the paper comes away easily.

 Keep working away until all your eggs are decorated with a wonderful tattoo! You'll also be left with lots of tattoos too big to use on eggs, and we think they'd be ideal for decorating pieces of wooden furniture too (if the children don't want covered in them of course)



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