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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Affordable Wall Art

We've got some big, framed prints and posters at the moment, they're best way to add some interest to a big, bare wall. We love old wall charts and maps, but these prints are a great alternative, and hung alone or with other interesting pieces on the wall, they really create a talking point.

The Vintage style Eye Test poster is just like one you'd have seen in the optician as a child. We have it on our kitchen wall and it silently challenges everyone to check how good their vision is.

Large vintage-Style eye test poster - framed £30

The Bees & Honey poster is another favourite, made up of old honey bee illustrations and vintage advertisements.
Large Vintage Style Bees & Honey Poster - framed £30

The beautiful vintage butterfly illustrated poster looks beautiful on a wall. I usually find butterfly designs too twee, but this one is just right.

Large Vintage Style Butterfly Poster - Framed £30

We add to our selection of these prints all the time, and have quite a few interesting ones at the moment. Click here to view our range of wall art

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