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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Scents from Madrid

Further expanding our "Gentleman's Quarter", we have an inexpensive delight from Madrid in the form of Alvarez Gomez - Agua de Colonia Concentrada. Celebrating its 100th year on the market, but only its 1st year in the UK, this invigorating cologne based on the scents of Mediterranean flowers, plants and fruits is a zesty, refreshing delight.

The opening is a fizz bomb of lemon and orange blossom...
carried by herbs (think sage & mint). It tickles the nose with the same sparkling effervescence as a freshly poured gin and tonic. Then comes a satisfying hit of lavender, rose and vanilla to soften the edges. A combination which has clearly stood the test of time!
Alvarez Gomez Agua de Colonia 150ml spray : £27.95 @ Pierrot et Coco

Alvarez Gomez Agua de Colonia 750ml £59 @ Pierrot et Coco - looks like a big bottle of gin, perfect for those who really love the fragrance and like to decant into travel sprays and room sprays

 Alvarez Gomez Agua de Colonia 150ml Spray Deodorant £7.95 @ Pierrot et Coco. Ensure your scent is the same from head to toe by using the same fragrance of deodorant spray.
Alvarez Gomez Agua de Colonia useful perfumed towelettes/wipes, come in a box of 10 individually sealed sachets, perfect for freshening up throughout the day. £3.95 @ Pierrot et Coco

 Alvarez Gomez Agua de Colonia Boxed Soap - two large bars in a lovely presentation box. £10.95 @ Pierrot et Coco

Alvarez Gomez Agua de Colonia candle 120g - a beautiful votive with gold design around the glass holds a wonderfully scented candle, with a dose of vanilla on top of the citrus fragrance. £18.50 @ Pierrot et Coco

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