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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Louis Vuitton City Guide Glasgow

The swishest package was delivered to us last week, with news we are included in the 2013 Louis Vuitton European City Guide. In the words of the people at Louis Vuitton, the addresses within the guide are 'selected with flair and discernment' and a 'steadfast pursuit for originality'. Our wee establishment is featured alongside the best in Paris, London, Cannes, Marseille, St Tropez, Lisbon, Moscow, Milan, Brussels, Berlin and more.

The story was picked up by Scotland on Sunday where in the online comments section, it became a bit of a 'which is more stylish' battle between Edinburgh (who were in the previous guide, and will be again, as the guides work in rotation) and Glasgow. We had hoped people would have focussed on the more positive angle, that when councils and government in the UK are stumped as to how to stop the decline of the high street, a guide commissioned by such a renowned company like Louis Vuitton is a wonderful way for tourists and locals alike to find the best shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels etc. a city has to offer.

The Metro newspaper ran a little piece on it too - using a photo of our shop that's almost two years old, and looks like it was taken on a camera phone. We wish they'd asked us for something a bit nicer (and checked the spelling of our names and things!)  but regardless, it was really nice they chose our shop to feature.

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