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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Charbonnel et Walker has arrived

We're incredibly happy to have been chosen as an offical "Charbonnel et Walker" chocolates stockist. We are of course in good company as they're by appointment to Her Majesty the Queen.

We have a good range, some chosen for their suitablity for men (our previous chocolates from Prestat came in hot pink boxes some deemed too feminine for the men in their lives!) but all because they taste very, very good.

At our party last week, Charbonnel were pretty generous in giving us a big box of dark Marc de Champagne truffles for everyone to try. They were very well received (of course!) and the beautiful packaging of such delicious chocolates are a brilliant addition to our shop.

We viewed these Cremes Parisiennes suspiciously, thinking they were toothache-in-a-box, but we tried some and looked at each other wide-eyed in delight as we realised they were pretty fantastic. Thinking we couldn't have managed one soon turned into wondering if we could stop short of finishing the box.

The Pink marc de Champagne truffles come in a little heart shaped box, a perfect "thank you" gift, "I love you" treat or an add-on to another gift.

These are the ones we've chosen with men in mind. We know women love chocolate in all its forms, but men can quite often be more choosy. For this reason, we've gone for stylish, gentlemanly packaging in classic flavours such as dark chocolate gingers, mints, maple pecans and chocolate enrobed orange.

We've saved the best for last though...we spent a long time trying every drinking chocolate on the market, from nice looking tins you can find in the supermarket to celebrated macaron maker and confectioner du jour, Pierre Herme in Paris. None come even close to Charbonnel et Walker's tin of chocolate flakes, ready for whisking into hot milk as a perfect breakfast or suppertime drink. We advise you to buy a tin, curl up with a good book or film and luxuriate in its deliciousness!

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