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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Darjeeling...the Champagne of Teas.

It's been birthday season at Pierrot et Coco, and we've received many lovely gifts of Champagne, which we've happily sipped for a special breakfast treat. However, for everyday, all day drinking we turn to the rather special tea which is Darjeeling and often referred to as "The Champagne of Tea".

Only grown in a specific region of West Bengal in the Himalayan foothills, this is the world's most expensive tea, following strict guidelines of cultivation, growth, production and manufacture. Skilled pluckers begin early in the morning when overnight dew is still present, on difficult hilly terrain, and choose the smallest shoots comprising two leaves and a bud of which 22, 000 shoots are needed to make 1kg of the tea.

We have Darjeeling No 37 by Kusmi in the decorative black and gold round caddy. A black tea with a light taste and coppery hue. We drink it without milk or sugar, but it's suited to both of these things if you prefer. We also have Irish Blend which is Darjeeling and Assam and a good tea for brunch.

So, when you are unable to drink bubbles from Epernay on a daily basis, look to the connoisseurs tea and indulge yourself this way. We have a choice of teapots with built-in filters, decorative tea balls and disposable tea filters to make drinking loose-leaf tea easy and practical.

We have a limited number of free samples available for you to take home and try.


India (Darjeeling)

Main flavor:
Muscat and ripe fruits

Quantity needed: 3g (approx 40 cups per caddy)

Time of Day : Afternoon

Ideal Water Temperature :
85°C - 90°C

Brewing Time :
4-5 minutes

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