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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Gift Vouchers

We now have gift vouchers available for those who can't decide what to buy for someone else...

We have a specially designed card with copper-coloured envelope for any denomination above £20. However, for if you purchase a voucher £50+ we present it in a box with Pierrot et Coco satin rosette, which makes for a beautiful gift in itself.


  1. What a beautiful voucher! I just want that card!!

  2. Thank you! We wanted something that looked quite special so the recipient was excited at receiving it!

  3. If I received one of these I wouldn't want to spend it.

    I can picture the rosette in my hair. Am a bit odd like that ;)

  4. You do get to keep the card, so no need to worry about spending it! And you get to keep the rosette too, so you can put it in your hair if you want to :)