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Monday, 27 August 2012

Choosing the Ibride Wall Tray

We love the wall trays we have at Pierrot et Coco from contemporary French company Ibride. We would like one for our own home, but can't decide which one we think is best; Instantly we thought Zhao the Rabbit in Elizabethan dress was the one, but when they arrived we changed allegiance to Cornelius the Monkey. Our customers quickly decided the swan (with three human hands, presumably to keep hold of all those cygnets!) was the favourite and she sold out in no time.

Against a backdrop of midnight blue, slate or olive these would look brilliant and we've already bought the paint. So, now we're torn between Berenice Zebra as she will soon be discontinued by Ibride, making her a little rarer, or Bernardo the Crow with a bumblebee on his shoulder (our little boy's name is Basque for crow and we know he would love it in his bedroom!)

All of our Ibride Trays come presented in black/brown card sliding boxes and postage within the UK is only £4.95 per order.



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