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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Our new Haberdashery Section

We have a new haberdashery section online now : Click Here
It's not a traditional haberdashery selection, but various finds we've found and thought were interesting. Many of them are properly vintage - we don't say "vintage" unless it is (and we don't mean 80's or 90's, some of this stuff comes to us with original labels and in boxes from occupied Japan circa 1945). For the creative mind, the uses for these things are endless - from the obvious jewellery to any number of crafts projects, we hope you'll find a place for some of these wonderful pieces.

We've got about 60 items there now, but tons more have been photographed just waiting to be added into the website. Some items we've got in abundance, others are very limited in stock.

As always, we're very happy to answer questions you might have and can advise on the best glues, jumprings and things you might need for the project you have in mind.

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