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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Midas Touch

Our website's new opening page focuses on all things gold.

We find gold easier to use than silver in the home, working better with old leather, dark wood and paint shades of eau de nil, deep blue and olive.

Moroccan pouffe in metallic gold leather from £98 - perfect as an additional seat or footstool.
Jake Phipps Jeeves bowler hat ceiling light : lined with gold aluminium. £150
 (The Wooster top hat ceiling list is lined with silver)
Something we indulge in every day is a Charbonnel et Walker hot chocolate or a Kusmi tea from this gold china mug  (we have limited numbers as we woke up to a huge number of online sales for our 'Hirondelle' gold china mugs. Somewhat puzzled by the spike in interest, until a customer told us they're being used in the Celebrity Big Brother house...£8 and a delight to drink from!
Christian Lacroix Correspondence cards are a super-stylish gift, or an elegant party invitation. The gold Paseo printed cards come with die-cut envelopes which have gold printed interiors and foiled stickers to close, in a two-part box. Stationery perfection! 

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